Fair Trade Figures

The conclusion in the latest 'Fair Trade Facts & Figures: Fair Trade: A Success story for Producers and Consumers?' states: Even though Fair Trade on its own cannot eliminate poverty, it does provide a major contribution to the achievement of this goal by providing access to fair working conditions, markets, higher pay, equal treatment of women and men, and jobs.

What is new with the Fair Trade Facts & Figures from the Dutch Association of Worldshops (DAWS), published in April 2011, is that it does not only report on facts and figures from the Northern countries but also from the South. The report shows that the Fair Trade movement has had immense success since its initiation: total sales of Gifts and Living products on producer level in Africa reached € 20,2 million in 2010, total sales in Asia is estimated at € 19,4 million in 2010 and the same figure in South America came to approximately € 4.2 million in 2010. Taken together, the producers of Fair Trade Gifts and Living products achieved total sales of € 43.8 million on producer level (which means € 285.7 million on consumer level in the Northern countries).
Worldwide sales of Fairtrade products (FLO-certified) increased from almost € 815 million in 2004 to approximately € 3.4 billion in 2009. The Fairtrade retail sales managed to achieve a positive growth of 13% in 2009.

The conclusions can be downloaded here.

To receive the full report as a PDF, do not hesitate to send an e-mail to info@fairtrade-advocacy.org.


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