FTAO Networks

The FTAO is supported by and cooperates in a number of ways with the members of the Fair Trade movement and external experts.

FTAO Expert Groups

The FTAO has three expert networks on Fair Trade, Fair Trade Public Procurement and Trade Justice. These groups give advice to the FTAO and serve as information exchange networks on relevant advocacy and policy developments. There are also specific project teams which are groups of experts set up for time-limited advocacy.

EU Fair Trade Advocacy Network

The EU Fair Trade Advocacy Network works with members on advocacy in the EU and gives input to and advises the FTAO in designing and setting up campaigns that brings together citizens and Fair Trade actors in the EU to achieve changes in EU and Global policies in support of Fair Trade and Trade Justice.

To see who participated in these groups in 2014 and 2015 please follow our Annual Report 2014-2015.


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