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Private sector in development

FTAO Press-releases:

Making supply chains work for small producers  (November 2013)

Cooperatives and Fair Trade promote people-centred businesses together (June 2013)

The Local Goes Global in the Fair Trade Beyond 2015 Campaign (November 2012)

FTAO Position Papers:

Joint position paper FTAO and Cooperatives, Advocating for people-centred business model (September 2011)

FTAO Newsletter Articles:

Stand by Sugar Cane Farmers Failed by European Union  (March 2015)

Citizens’ Cane: a successful path to economic independence (June 2014)

Why cheap bananas threaten farmers’ futures and what the EU can do about it (March 2014)

Investing in Small Farmers - a Bet Against Hunger (January 2013)

Cooperatives and Fair Trade:  A Common People-Centred Private Sector in/for Development (October 2012)

European consumer cooperatives and Fair Trade: an effective poverty fighting alliance (April 2012)

Winds of change in the EU development and CSR policies: is the wind blowing in the right direction for small-scale producers? (January 2012)

Interesting Documents and Articles: 

Co-operatives and Fair Trade: Shared principles and a common people-centred business model

Discussion Paper: Common or Conflicting Interests? 

Cooperatives and Fair Trade: A Common People-Centred Private Sector in/for Development (page 14)


Post 2015 development Framework

FTAO Press Releases: 

The European Union should walk the road from Rio + 20 hand in hand with marginalised producers and workers (June 2012)

FTAO Position Papers:

Post-2015 Development Agenda Fair Trade Movement’s position (April 2013)

Fair Trade Advocacy Office's Submission to the the Local Authorities in Development Issue Paper Consultation (November 2012)

FTAO Submission to the European Commission on Post-2015 Consultations (September 2012)

FTAO Newsletter's Articles: 

Beyond 2015: How to go From Thought to Practice (January 2013)

Building the Post-2015 Agenda Together (October 2012)

The European Union should walk the road from Rio + 20 hand in hand with marginalised producers and workers (June 2012)

Building the Post-2015 Agenda Together (October 2012)

Official EU Documents:

European Commission's Communication 'Decent Life for All'


Aid for Trade

FTAO Press Releases:

Aid for Trade: Is the EU helping small producers to trade their way out of poverty? (September 2009)

FTAO Positions Papers:

Aid for Trade: another missed opportunity to make trade work for development? (December 2007).

FTAO Reviews: 

Aid for Trade: is the EU helping small producers to trade their way out of poverty? A review by the Fair Trade Advocacy Office and ICCO. April 2009 download.

FTAO Presentations:

Aid for Trade. A Global Review. WTO Headquarters (November 2007).
The Fair Trade Advocacy Office made a presentation during the technical programme on monitoring and evaluation. The title of the panel was Improving the qualitative measurement of Aid for Trade. The panelists among others included representatives from the World Bank, OECD, Center for Global development and FTAO:
Presentation from the FTAO and Programme of event "What Added Value to seek from an EU Strategy on aid for trade?". Expert roundtable at the European Parliament (5 June 2007).

FTAO made a presentation with among others David Martin, Member European Parliament, Dr. Evita Schmeig, Representative from the European Council German Presidency and Ambassador Gunesse, Mauritius.
Presentation from the FTAO.

The Fair Trade Advocacy Office was interviewed during a briefing session on Aid for Trade hosted by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA)Interview with Policy Officer Hilary Jeune.

FTAO Newsletter's Articles:

Aid fir Trade: What Are the Prospects for Poverty Reduction? (January 2013)

December 2009

December 2007

July 2007

March 2007

Official EU Documents:

Council of the European Union (2007), Adoption of an EU Strategy on Aid for Trade: Enhancing EU support for trade-related needs in developing countries, doc. 13070/07, Brussels.

European Commission (2007), Towards an EU Aid for Trade strategy – the Commission’s contribution, doc. COM (2007)163, Brussels.

European Parliament (2007), Resolution on Aid for Trade, doc. P6_TA(2007)0203, Brussels


Policy Coherence for development

FTAO Press Releases:

European Commission’s “modern” proposal on trade and development is the same old story (January 2012)

European Parliament hosts a Fair Trade Breakfast (October 2011)

European Union Member States recognise Fair Trade as a priority area for Policy Coherence for Development (November 2009)

FTAO Position Papers:

FTAO briefing note to the Members of the European Parliament on the new EU Trade and Development Strategy (February 2011)

FTAO Newsletter's Articles:

The Impact of Fair Trade on Poverty Reduction Trough Rural Development (January 2012)

Fair Trade Towns Growing in the South (October 2012)

Malawi's first Fair Trade breakfast – an important meal for a good start (June 2012)

South Africans want ethical labels on their food products! (June 2012)

New EU Trade and Development Policy: FTAO believes more actors should be considered (October 2011)

Trade and Development, a perfect topic of discussion for a Fair Trade Breakfast at the European Parliament (October 2011)

European Commission Development Policy: Fair Trade movement's submission  (January 2011)


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