Further reading

FTAO Press Releases:

European Parliament responds to the new EU trade policy agenda: "We support coordinated policies for Fair Trade (September 2011)

EU leaders congratulate 1,000 Fair Trade Towns while the European Commission re-thinks EU policies (June 2011)

Committee of the Regions spaeks out for Fair Trade (February 2010)

European Union Member States recognise Fair Trade as a priority area for Policy Coherence for Development (November 2009)

European Parliament supports Fair Trade (July 2006)

FTAO Newsletter Articles:

Fair Trade Towns Conference statement advocate for EU support (January 2012)

FTAO Documents:

European Union Demands 2009-2014: download PDF version 

European Parliament Demands 2009-2014: download PDF version 

Official EU Documents:

For EU public policy texts that refer to Fair Trade please visit the other policy areas FTAO is working on.




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