Banana Link’s exciting news from the World Banana Forum

Banana Link recently published news reports on various interesting topics. Firstly, the World Banana Forum consolidated and celebrated the achievements of industry cooperation, from the recent third conference of the World Banana Forum, which attracted over 300 delegates from 42 countries across all continents to Geneva. The conference was very successful, with a good balance regarding its participants. The conference also celebrated the achievements that have resulted from the collaborative approach fostered by the WBF. Banana Link’s reaction was very positive, as they find that there is now enough collective energy to raise the level of cooperation between the diverse players. Now, more pragmatic changes are possible which could turn the sector into a model for others. Learn more here

Banana Link also reported on the Gender Equity Meeting of the Third Conference of the World Banana Forum, that had close to 100 participants. During the key note presentations, the International Labour Organisation noted the very low levels of women’s employment and very low wage levels in the banana industry, which is also supported by Banana Link’s own research. Learn more here or access the resources of the Gender Equity Meeting here.

As a final piece of news about the WBF, Banana Link reported that small scale farmers and trade unions representing plantation workers are warning that without fundamental changes around banana production, the fruit itself is in danger of disappearing from shelves. Banana production is based on low-paid, large-scale monoculture that is destroying the workers’ health, as well as the natural environment and local communities. Banana Link commented that they are fully committed to helping develop an environment of cooperation between all stakeholders in the banana trade to work towards achieving the goals of a sustainable industry that provides decent work and healthy working conditions for the banana producers. Learn more here