EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade Award officially launched

On 8 December 2017, the European Commission officially launched the first EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade Award. This was a commitment that the Commission took in October 2014, when the current EU Trade strategy was launched.

The purpose of the award is to:

  • Recognize and celebrate cities’ achievements and positive impact in the areas of social, economic, and environmental sustainability in international trade.
  • Emphasize Fair and ethical trade schemes, as well as other non-governmental sustainability schemes, which may bring more sustainable opportunities to small producers in third countries and thus support sustainable and inclusive development.

The call for applications is now open and EU local authorities can apply until April 2018. The winner is expected to be announced in Brussels in June 2018.

The Fair Trade movement looks forward to supporting the European Commission and the International Trade Centre, appointed to set-up the award, to make this initiative a real success. The Fair Trade movement will mobilise its network to ensure a high participation of EU local authorities in the award. It will also seize the opportunity to raise awareness on the role of local policy makers in promoting sustainable development through trade.

Learn more about the award and how to apply here

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