Positive impact of Make Fruit Fair! on the life of consumers and producers

The DEAR Support Team presented recent positive developments for both producers and consumers from the Make Fruit Fair! project. The Make Fruit Fair! campaign, a project funded by the Development Education Awareness Raising Programme, enables European shoppers to make some simple, informed choices that have improved the lives of countless people in the developing world. Make Fruit Fair! promotes advocacy for more fair and sustainable global supply chains for tropical fruit, especially bananas and pineapples. The project has engaged tens of thousands of European consumers in their three-year quest for change.

By informing European consumers about the human and environmental cost of cheap tropical fruit, encouraging them to change buying habits and by shedding some light on how supermarkets abuse their market power against marginalised producers with Unfair Trading Practices (UTPs), Make Fruit Fair! resulted in better and more permanent employment conditions on plantations supported by the campaign.

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