Fair Trade European Parliament Breakfast Highlights Fair Trade Issues to MEPs

This morning (10th October 2019) a group of Members of European Parliament (MEPs), members of civil society organisations and Fair Trade producer organisations and networks gathered in the Members Salon in the European Parliament for the annual Fair Trade breakfast.

The breakfast, which was hosted by MEP Bernd Lange (Germany) from the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats and Chair of the International Trade Committee, and organised by the Fair Trade Advocacy Office, was attended by over 140 participants. It was possible thanks to the financial support of the European Commission and the Trade for Development Centre, in the framework of Belgium’s Fair Trade week, an initiative of the Belgian Development Cooperation.

MEP Bernd Lange said, “I am very happy to host the first fair trade breakfast of this term in the European Parliament. European trade policies should contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals worldwide and fair trade is an interesting tool to achieve those goals. It also helps to make people in Europe aware that what we consume here has an impact on the environment and the conditions in which goods are produced elsewhere. We as MEPs have the responsibility to make sure that human rights are protected throughout the whole supply-chain of goods that we import.”

The attendees were presented with the Fair Trade movement’s views on how the EU could create an enabling policy environment for Fair Trade and sustainable supply chains in the 2019-2024 term. This includes calls for small-farmer and worker-friendly Human Rights Due Diligence Legislation, EU action plans for fair and sustainable cocoa and textile supply chains, a pro-sustainability interpretation of EU competition law, and measures to promote the uptake of Fair Trade practices in the EU and its partner countries. This was followed by a debate amongst participants.

“We look forward to working with Members of the European Parliament to ensure that Fair Trade values are an integral part of the European Green Deal proposed by EC President-elect Ursula Von Der Leyen,” said Sergi Corbalán, Executive Director of the Fair Trade Advocacy Office.

Bernd Lange invited MEPs to join the Fair Trade Working Group, an informal group of cross-party group at the European Parliament. The event concluded with an opportunity for networking and taking photos with speech bubbles that demonstrated different commitments and policy demands.

For more information, please contact Sergi Corbalán at or by calling +32 2 54 31 92 3.

The Fair Times Campaign Welcomes New Members of the European Parliament

Together with the pan-European organisations involved in The Fair Times 2019 European elections campaign, the FTAO, IFOAM EU, CIDSE, RIPESS and ECOLISE extend congratulations to all candidates elected to the European Parliament for the 2019-2024 term.

The five civil society networks and their respective members across Europe have joined  forces to deliver The Fair Times campaign, using their collective voice to call for a fair and sustainable European production and consumption agenda.  

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Call for Research Proposals on Fair & Sustainable Textile Supply Chains

Call for proposals – Research on options for an ambitious and integrated EU strategy in support of fair and sustainable textile supply chains

In the context of increasing concern for both social and environmental impacts of textile production and consumption, there is an urgent need for better regulation of textile supply chains. Progress has been particularly slow at the European Union (EU) level, in spite of increasing pressure by inter alia the European Parliament.

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Organisations call for a EU food policy and a Vice President for Food

The FTAO has joined other campaign groups, farming organisations, and think tanks to call on the next European Commission President to put an EU food policy in place.

The organisations involved represent the sectors of farming, fisheries, environment, animal welfare, health, consumers, development, social justice, climate, and forestry. In an open letter to the lead candidates for the presidency, we called for an EU food policy to be put in place, and a European Commission Vice-President to be made responsible for ensuring the transition to sustainable food systems.

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Fair Trade & the EU with Linda McAvan MEP

Our Communications Assistant, Ffion Storer Jones sat down with Linda McAvan MEP ahead of World Fair Trade Day to talk about her work supporting Fair Trade over her 20 years as an MEP and how she encourages us all to take action in support of Fair Trade. read more

Call for proposals for Impact Research and Legal Advice on Human Rights Due Diligence Frameworks

Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) frameworks are effective tools in promoting fairer and more sustainable supply chains . They also have the potential to steer companies to address human rights and environmental issues in a way that serves long term socio-economic development and contribute to the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the implementation of HRDD frameworks lead to real change in companies’ trading practices and have a positive impact on small farmers and workers. read more

Call for papers for an academic conference on EU Competition Law & Sustainability

A one-day academic conference on EU Competition Law & Sustainability will take place at Science Po in Paris on the 26th of June 2019.

In the context of a global system of production that is increasingly interconnected and exponentially exercising pressure on the planet and people’s lives, this conference is inspired by the desire to imagine a system of competition law (or beyond competition law) that is fully embedded in the double limit of the planetary boundaries and of social considerations, inspired by Kate Raworth’s ‘Doughnut Economics’ and elaborated by Tomaso Ferrando & Claudio Lombardi in ‘EU Competition Law and Sustainability in Food Systems: Addressing the Broken Links’.

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FTAO celebrates 15th Birthday

Friends of the FTAO gathered at OzFair on 10th January to welcome in the new year and mark the FTAO’s 15th birthday.

The new year drink is an annual opportunity for Fair Trade supporters to gather and celebrate achievements, and this year was extra special, as the FTAO marked 15 years of advocating for fairer terms of trade since it was set up in 2006.

The FTAO would like to thank everyone who joined the celebration.

Calls for applications for sub-grants

In the framework of the EU DEAR Project “Trade Fair, Live Fair: Raising Awareness and Mobilizing the European Public to Advance Consumption patterns that Nurture the Sustainable Development Goals” (TFLF), sub-grant facilities have been put in place to enable organisations and local authorities that are not formally part of the project, to participate.

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Fair Trade movement and UNCTAD join forces at IFTTC Madrid!

The Brussels-based Fair Trade Advocacy Office and UNCTAD are joining forces to improve the living and working conditions of artisans, workers and smallholder farmers and producers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The two organizations, which have both been calling for a more equitable trading system for decades, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 19 October in Madrid.