The purpose of this dedicated FTAO webpage is to share news and insights on the short-term, mid-term and long-term impacts that the Covid-19 crisis is having on small farmers, workers (including artisans), the impact this will have on supply chains and the Fair Trade movement’s reaction.


COVID-19 Monitoring

FTAO maintains a live monitoring system to share 1) relevant analysis on the impact (short, mid and long-term) of the Covid-19 crisis on small farmers and workers (including artisans) and value chains, 2) reactions by the Fair Trade movement and 3) other useful dedicated monitoring resources. Find it here.

We are also monitoring the main relevant decisions by the EU and International Organisations post-COVID-19 that may affect small farmers and workers (including artisans) and global value chains. Find our overview here.

COVID-19 Pandemic: Fair Trade movement statement to G-20 leaders

Read the Statement here.

Impact of COVID-19 on smallholder farmers and workers in agriculture, textiles and electronics supply chains.

The FTAO acted as co-organiser and facilitator for three webinars on this subject (in English, French and Spanish), for the Rethinking Value Chains Network.

Webinar in English, 9 April: The notes from the webinar can be found here, the recording of the webinar is here.

Webinar en français, 16 avril: Les notes du webinaire sont disponibiles ici, et l’enregistrement du webinaire se trouve ici.

Webinar en español, 11 de mayo: las notas del webinar se encuentran aquí, la grabación del webinar se encuentra aquí.