Press Releases Archive

Press Releases 2017

The first EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade Award is officially launched!

Over 250 non-government organisations launch alternative vision for Europe

IFOAM EU: Organic regulation negotiations, time for a change

Press Releases 2016

World Fair Trade Day 2015 Press Release: Be an Agent for Change

European Commission Unveils New European Fair Trade Capital Award

New toolkit on how local authorities can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through Fair Trade

Fair Trade movement and African farmers call for urgent action to put small-scale cotton farmers on the global agenda on sustainable textiles

The Fair Trade movement at the World Social Forum 2016

Press Releases 2015

The human cost of cheap bananas

Campaigners call on world leaders to ‘light the way’ ahead of key UN Summit

Fashion Revolution Day: what is in it for EU policy makers?

Fair and transparent fashion and textile supply chains – it’s time for EU action!

EU takes important step for Fair Trade, but long path ahead for all trade to be fair

Renewed call by European local and regional authorities for more Fair Trade

EU Trade Commissioner reveals plans for Fair Trade

Press Releases 2014

EU Import duties on Kenyan flowers threaten future of Fairtrade producers

The FTAO wishes you Happy New Year

Who’s got the power? New study confirms imbalances in agricultural supply chains

‘Who’s got the power?’ Report launch in the European Parliament

Fair Trade housewarming at the European Parliament

Commission passes on hot potato on Unfair Trading Practices

Fair Trade movement congratulates first Fair Trade-enthusiast European Commission President

Four hundred European Parliament elections candidates and three lead European Commission Presidency candidates commit to Fair Trade

European Citizens’ Initiative demands: Stop negotiations for TTIP and CETA

EU-US trade talks: People have the right to know what’s at stake

European Youth Event hosts debate on World Fair Trade Day

Your clothes already tell a story about who you are. Now they can tell a better one.

Vote for Fair Trade Manifesto is launched with the endorsement of two European Commission President candidates

Third candidate for the European Commission Presidency announces support for the Fair Trade Manifesto

European civil society coalition calls on MEP candidates to support trade and investment rules that work for people and the planet

Toast to Fair Trade in Public Procurement

4 European public authorities rewarded for their Fair Trade cotton commitments

Press Releases 2013

WTO Bali package: A giant step for the WTO, a small step for Fair Trade

200 Mayors support Fair Trade in new global goals for poverty eradication and sustainable development post-2015

Uniting World Mayors for Fair Trade

Cooperatives and Fair Trade promote people-centred businesses together

EU’s Snail Pace To Tackling Supply Chain Abuse

New Global Challenges Need New Global Leadership

Press Releases 2012

The Local Goes Global in the Fair Trade Beyond 2015 Campaign

The European Union should walk the road from Rio + 20 hand in hand with marginalised producers and workers

European Court confirms possibility to demand Fair Trade criteria in public procurement

No more business as usual: activists set Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance Launch, 26-27 June, Brussels out alternative trade agenda

New report offers ways forward for Europe in tackling supply chain abuse

Fairtrade Access Fund To Provide Long-Term Loans To Smallholder Farmers

European Commission’s “modern” proposal on trade and development is the same old story

Press Releases 2011

European Parliament supports sustainable procurement

European Parliament hosts a Fair Trade Breakfast

Modernising Public Procurement: Key demands for sustainable development in public procurement

European Parliament responds to the new EU trade policy agenda: “We support coordinated policies for Fair Trade”

EU leaders congratulate 1,000 Fair Trade Towns while the European Commission re-thinks EU policies

New EC “Buying Social” guide: a giant step for the EC, a small step for sustainable procurement

Press Releases 2010

New EU trade policy agenda: “Business as Usual” despite clear message from European citizens

The Fair Trade movement urges the European Commission on World Fair Trade Day 2010 to move from words to action

Committee of the Regions speaks out for Fair Trade

Press Releases 2009

The WTO ministerial in Geneva lacked commitment to address economic, food or climate crisis

European Union Member States recognise Fair Trade as a priority area for Policy Coherence for Development

Aid for Trade: Is the EU helping small producers to trade their way out of poverty?

Press Releases 2008

Fair Trade 2007: new facts and figures from an ongoing success story

Press Releases 2006

European Parliament supports Fair Trade

New book discloses the reasons behind the success of Fair Trade

New Research Reveals Success of Fair Trade in Europe