Press Releases 2010

New EU trade policy agenda: “Business as Usual” despite clear message from European citizens

9 November 2010 (Brussels) – The European Commission (EC) issued a Communication “Trade, Growth and World Affairs” today.[1] Despite the clear support to ethical considerations in trade by European Union citizens, the European Commission has failed to translate the EU citizens’ views into the EU trade agenda. read more

The Fair Trade movement urges the European Commission on World Fair Trade Day 2010 to move from words to action

7 May 2010 (Brussels) – As hundreds of thousands of citizens join in World Fair Trade Day celebrations, the Fair Trade movement calls on the European Commission to move from words to action. The EU institutions have made positive policy statements and communications on Fair Trade in the last year. Today, the Fair Trade movement calls for concrete results: Fair Trade and Fair Trade principles integrated across EU policies. read more

Committee of the Regions speaks out for Fair Trade

11 February 2010 (Brussels) – The Fair Trade movement applauds the European Union’s Committee of the Regions (CoR) in its unanimous adopting yesterday evening of an opinion(1) in support of Fair Trade and calling for the need to adopt a European Strategy and action plan for Fair Trade for Local and Regional Authorities.

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