Publications & Statements


FTAO Report – From local to EU level: Scaling Up Fair Trade in Europe, March 2019

FTAO Report: EU Competition Law and Sustainability – Addressing the Broken Links, February 2019

Fairtrade Foundation Report – Craving a Change in Chocolate, February 2019

WFTO Report – Gender Equity and Women’s Rights in the workplace, March 2019

WFTO Report – Business models that Empower Women, March 2019

FTAO and FERN Report – Towards sustainable cocoa supply chains: Regulatory options for the EU, June 2019


The International Fair Trade Charter, September 2018 (Available in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Polish)


Trade Justice: A key component of building smallholder farmers’ climate resilience – Policy Statement of the Global Fair Trade Movement to COP 24


FTAO report on Power in the West African cotton sector, March 2016

FTAO toolkit – Localising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through Fair Trade, October 2016

Competition Law and Sustainability in the Netherlands, FTAO, June 2016


FTAO position paper on Fair Trade movement’s position on sustainable supply chains initiatives, April 2015

FTAO position paper on an innovative EU approach in support of Fair Trade practices in the new EU Trade & Investment Strategy, July 2015 

FTAO Statement – The New Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Fair Trade – Our Preliminary Analysis, September 2015

BASIC Report Banana value chains in Europe and the consequences of Unfair Trading Practices, October 2015

BASIC EU policy briefing on Unfair Trading Practices in Food Supply Chains Make Fruit Fair, November 2015


Who’s got the power? Tackling imbalances in agricultural supply chains – Abstract (English, German, Spanish, Polish)

Who’s got the power? Tackling imbalances in agricultural supply chains – Full Report (English, French, German)

(Commissioned by FTAO, PFCE (la Plate-Forme pour le Commerce Équitable), Traidcraft, Fairtrade Deutschland. In partnership with WFTO and Fairtrade International)

FTAO EU Policy Briefing: What the EU should do against unfair trading practices

A video explaining the report is also available here.


FTAO Position Paper on EU Green Paper on Unfair Trading Practices (UTP) in Retail Supply Chains, April 2013

FTAO Position Paper on Post-2015 Development Agenda Fair Trade Movement’s position, April 2013

FTAO Position Paper on EU Sustainable Food strategy: Fair Trade movement contribution, December 2013


FTAO Briefing Note to the Members of the EP on the Sugar reform in CAP post-2013 and impacts on marginalised producers and workers in ACP/LDC countries, 16 April 2012

FTAO Submission to the EC on Post-2015 Consultations, 14 September 2012

FTAO Submission to the Local Authorities in Development Issue Paper Consultation, 15 November 2012


FTAO submission to the EC Green Paper on Development Policy, 17 January 2011

FTAO submission to the EC EU Public Procurement Reciprocity Initiative consultation, 1 August 2011

FTAO submission to the EC Trade and Development consultation, 10 August 2011

FTAO briefing note to the Members of the EP on the new EU Trade and Development Strategy, October 2011


CAP post-2013 and impacts on marginalised producers and workers in the South – FTAO Position Paper, 3 June 2010

FTAO submission to EU trade strategy consultation, 27 July 2010

FTAO submission to the Fairness in Retailing consultation, 10 September 2010


Time for meaningful follow-up to the European Parliament Resolution on Fair Trade and development (2006) – FINE Position Paper, March 2009

Fair Trade European Union Demands, 2009-2014

Fair Trade European Parliament Demands, 2009-2014


EC Consultation on socially responsible public procurement – FINE Contribution, December 2008

EC Public Consultation on ‘green paper for agricultural product quality’ – FTAO submission, December 2008


Fair Trade standards and their verification in brief (Learn more about Fair Trade standards, April 2007)

Aid for trade: another missed opportunity to make trade work for development? – FINE contribution to the Aid for Trade Debate, April 2007

Is there a need for an ISO standard on Fair Trade? – Submission of the international Fair Trade movement to COPOLCO, May 2007


Fighting poverty and injustice through Fair Trade – How the EU can support the Fair Trade movement to create sustainable livelihoods and to promote responsible purchasing, December 2006


Towards a coherent Fair Trade policy – Fair Trade demands to European decision makers, April 2005

Towards a fair EU sugar regime – Fair Trade Proposals for a European sugar regime that contributes to sustainable development and poverty eradication in developing countries, March 2005

Fair Trade rules! – Position of the global Fair Trade movement towards the 6th WTO Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong, December 2005

Last minute compromise offers little for the world’s poor – Fair Trade Statement after WTO Ministerial Meeting in Hong Kong, December 2005


Fair Trade declaration UNCTAD XI (English, Francais, Espanol, Portugues), June 2004


Towards a fairer world trading system The Cancun Ministerial – A Fair Trade Perspective. Position of the International Federation for Alternative Trade (IFAT) towards the 5th WTO Ministerial Conference in Cancun, Mexico, September 2003.