New book discloses the reasons behind the success of Fair Trade

In response to the growing interest in Fair Trade, the international Fair Trade movement yesterday launched its first joint book about the reasons behind the ongoing success of this alternative business model.

Brussels, 29th November 2006

“This publication comes at the right time: It shows that trading fairly is possible and economically viable. With steady growth rates of 20% to 30% per year, international Fair Trade sales of coffee, tea, gifts and other products are expected to reach €2 billion in 2006”, said Marlike Kocken, manager of EFTA (European Fair Trade Association), at the book’s launch in Brussels yesterday.

“Fair Trade has shown the way and pioneered truly responsible business practices”, added Linda McAvan, Member of the European Parliament.

“The European Parliament expressed its support to Fair Trade in a recent resolution. We now drink Fair Trade coffee and tea at all meetings. And I must say: To buy Fair Trade chocolate in our cafeteria is not only an act of practical solidarity – it is also a real pleasure!” Rupert Schlegelmilch, Head of Unit for Sustainable Development in DG Trade, welcomed the publication of BUSINESS UNUSUAL and said that the new book is particularly valuable because it looks beyond Fair Trade. “Fair Trade has been the market driver in the area of sustainable trading. The European Commission wants to step up its support in this area.”

BUSINESS UNUSUAL – Successes and Challenges of Fair Trade shows how Fair Trade works in practice, based on the examples of coffee, rice, handicrafts, cotton and textiles. Written by experts in their fields, the book goes into the pioneering work of Fair Trade Organisations in developing a truly responsible business model. It also discusses some lessons from Fair Trade for trade policy making, looking behind the reasons for the stalemate in world trade negotiations.

BUSINESS UNUSUAL is a reference book for everyone who wants to take an in-depth look behind the scenes of Fair Trade. The book is published by the four main international Fair Trade Associations: FLO (Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International), IFAT (International Fair Trade Association), NEWS! (Network of European Worldshops) and EFTA (European Fair Trade Association).

The English version of the publication is distributed by Fair Trade media in the United Kingdom (

You can order a book by calling +44 (0)845 009 9012 or by emailing The book will also be published in Spanish, German, Dutch, French and Italian.

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