Press Releases 2006

European Parliament supports Fair Trade

At today’s plenary session, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on Fair Trade and Development with an overwhelming majority. The text calls on the European Commission to come forward with a recommendation and step up public support for Fair Trade.

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New book discloses the reasons behind the success of Fair Trade

In response to the growing interest in Fair Trade, the international Fair Trade movement yesterday launched its first joint book about the reasons behind the ongoing success of this alternative business model.

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New Research Reveals Success of Fair Trade in Europe

A recent survey, carried out in 25 European countries, shows that Fair Trade sales in Europe have been growing at an average 20% per year since 2000. The annual net retail value of Fair Trade products sold in Europe now exceeds € 660 million. This is more than double the figure five years ago. Fair Trade has thus become one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

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