Press Releases 2016

World Fair Trade Day 2015 Press Release: Be an Agent for Change

The World Fair Trade Organization celebrates the World Fair Trade Day on 9 May 2015 with Agents for Change worldwide! Everyone who is making a difference supports change and is interested in becoming an Agent for Change is welcome to participate in our celebration. In fact, we want you to be part of our change-making mission.

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European Commission Unveils New European Fair Trade Capital Award

12 October 2016 (Brussels) – On the occasion of the annual European Parliament Fair Trade Breakfast, the EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström has publically announced today the plan to launch a new Pan-European Fair and Ethical Trade City Award. The Fair Trade movement welcomes this new initiative and commits to support the Commission in making this Award a success.

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Fair Trade movement and African farmers call for urgent action to put small-scale cotton farmers on the global agenda on sustainable textiles

The press release is available in French here.

The Fair Trade Advocacy Office has launched a position paper at the Cotton Forum taking place in Paris today, in cooperation with the Association of African Cotton Producers. In this new document, the Fair Trade movement calls on the European Union, G7 and West African governments to step up their policies in support of fairer and more sustainable textile supply chains, and to not forget about small cotton farmers. As a follow-up to the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment manufacturing centre on 24 April 2013, much public attention has been recently placed on compensation to victims and the improvement of the building safety, working conditions and wages at the garment stage of textile supply chains. Unfortunately, little public attention has gone to the cotton farmers that ‘grow’ our clothes.

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The Fair Trade movement at the World Social Forum 2016

From Tuesday 9 August to Sunday 13 August 2016, the Fair Trade movement will be at the World Social Forum, in Montreal (Québec, Canada). Many activities about Fair Trade will be offered. In order to follow those events, the Fair Trade movement will share information and pictures of the event on their social media channels. You will be able to get a daily summary of the event on the FTAO storify account (Day 1, Day 2)

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