Fair Trade Movement’s policy calls for the EU 2024 – 2029 legislature

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In its 2024 – 2029 legislature, the European Parliament’s must contribute to steer the EU in these difficult social, economic, environmental times. The Fair Trade Movement expects the EU to take concrete measures to foster a global just transition which favours the interests of the people and the planet and sets fairness as the condition for all trade relations.

The European Green Deal was initially received as a groundbreaking policy framework, however we now have enough perspective to assess its successes and limitations, and formulate policy recommendations to transform this initiative into a more ambitious and successful Global Green Deal. The current framework still largely relies on a business-as-usual model causing negative impacts for partners in the Global South whose views and interests have not been enough considered in the design and implementation of EU policies. The Global Green Deal can leverage the positive impacts and good practices of the Fair Trade Movement to foster a collective international endeavour towards global sustainability. This paper suggests a series of policy proposals that the Fair Trade Movement and citizens across the EU expect candidates to the 2024 EU election and the new European Commission to commit to putting in place if they are elected.