SDGs mean business

WWF issued a new report in February 2017 focusing on how businesses can use credible voluntary sustainability standards to contribute to many of the SDGs and targets. Standards and certification systems are one mechanism for scaling up sustainable practices and transforming sectors.
The private sector has a responsibility to contribute to achieving the SDGs. Large multinational companies, in particular, have a key role to play in addressing social and environmental issues in their own supply chains and the wider sector they are part of. Credible sustainability standards offer businesses a ready-made tool to do so.

Key elements of a credible standard system include:
• Multi-stakeholder participation
• Transparency
• Independent verification
• Continuous improvement

Three main considerations will help decide whether a sustainability standard can help a
business contribute to the SDGs:
1. relevance to goals, targets, indicators and business themes under the SDGs agenda
2. performance levels and the pathway to compliance
3. creating opportunities, channeling resources and mobilizing investments.