UN Special Rapporteur: Q&A on Fair Trade

This Question & Answer paper was released on the occasion of World Fair Trade Day 2013 (11.05.2013) to take stock of the contribution of the fair trade movement to more just and sustainable food systems. The movement took root in the US and Northern Europe in the post-war period, and started to make inroads into retail markets from 1988, when the first Fairtrade certification initiative, Max Havelaar, was created in the Netherlands. This paper is based on an interview with the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, conducted by Marianne Wilschut for Stichting Max Havelaar (Fairtrade Netherlands).

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Food Smart Cities for Development

Food Smart Cities for Development – EYD 2015 is a two-year EU funded project, started in December 2014, led by the Municipality of Milano and including various partners: Municipality Municipality of Bilbao, Municipality of Barcelona, Municipality of Brugge, Municipality of Gent, Municipality of Marseille, Municipality of Turin, Municipality of Utrecht, Department of Antioquia, Comitato Expo dei Popoli,Associazione Assemblea Generale Italiana Commercio Equo e Solidale (AGICES),World Fair Trade OrganizationWorld Fair Trade Organization – EuropeStichting Fair Trade Advocacy Office, and Fair Trade Hellas.

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