A Just Transition for All: Why the European Green Deal needs to go Global?

Brussels, 22 January 2024 – Why do we need a Global Green Deal? What a Global Green Deal should look like? What are the pros and cons of transforming the European Green Deal (EGD) into a Global Green Deal to foster Just Transition worldwide?

These are some of the questions that will be discussed at the public event that SOLIDAR and the Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO), in partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee, will host on Tuesday, 23rd January.

Policies formulated within the European Union have far-reaching consequences on third countries. Therefore, according to SOLIDAR and the FTAO, the internal and external facets of the Green Deal must be better integrated to prevent that the EU green transition occurs at the expense of workers and the environment at the global level. 

The European Green Deal (EGD) is definitely a major achievement for Europe. “Now, it needs to broaden and deepen with a strong external dimension to avoid any adverse impacts on partner countries and foster a Global Just Transition », said Mikael Leyi, SOLIDAR Secretary General. 

Marike de Peña, representing banana producers from Dominican Republic said “Smallholder farmers and workers are key actors in the green transition. Yet, they risk being left behind if their participation in the decision-making is not guaranteed and if public financial support is lacking”.

In line with the Policy Coherence for Development, the EU cannot afford to disregard the EGD’s impact on the Global South. EU Trade Policy can greatly contribute to promote social and environmental justice. Yet, more consistency is needed between the European Trade Policy, the EU development policy and the European Green Deal in line with the new approach to Trade and Sustainable Development and to the overarching principle of the Just Transition.said Tanja Buzek, Vice president of the EESC International Trade committee, member of Workers’ group.

SOLIDAR and the FTAO highlighted that only by turning global that the EU Green Deal will enable the EU to make further progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.  

Eric Ponthieu, the FTAO’s Strategy Director, said: “The Fair Trade Movement can draw on decades of experience in establishing social and environmental justice through trade, both regionally and internationally. The next EU executive should promote Fair Trade and regenerative business models to enhance efficiency and public acceptability of the EU flagship climate policy”

The event will offer the opportunity to present and discuss the added value of transforming the European Green Deal into a Global Green Deal. 

SOLIDAR and the FTAO will keep working together with their respective networks, partners and allies to develop a common vision and realise a Global Green Deal that benefits people and the planet.

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