Global Green Deal


On 19 June 2023, first day of the 2023 Fair Trade International Symposium, the Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO) made public its plea for transforming the existing European Green Deal (EGD) into a Global Green Deal. While the EGD was initially received as a groundbreaking policy framework, it is necessary to include the views and potential negative impact for the Global South and create a collective international endeavour towards global sustainability. There are too many negative social and environmental externalities – spillovers – towards the Global South that prevent the EGD to be recognised as a legitimate EU Sustainable Development Agenda. There should be an equal footing in terms of adequate policies, objectives, rights and responsibilities between European and non-European countries, hence the proposed new approach towards a Global Green Deal to intertwine the global dimension with the current European policies.

The Fair Trade Advocacy Office is deeply convinced that mainstreaming Fair Trade approaches and FT enterprises in the Global Green Deal can lead to multiple benefits and facilitate the achievement of the 2030 SD Agenda. The FTAO has developed its proposal for a Global Green Deal in partnership with FI and the WFTO and will endeavor to promote the value added of the Global Green Deal in various ways until a new European Commission comes into office at the end of 2024.

Read here the Fair Trade Movement’s proposal for a Global Green Deal

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