SchoolFood4Change (SF4C) is an Horizon2020 project which started in January 2022 and will last four years.

The project aims at engaging schools as catalysts for a food system transformation towards diets that are fair, healthy, and sustainable for both humans and the planet. To reach this aim, SF4C will engage with 3,000 schools, including Fair Trade Schools, thus impacting 600,000 young people through 16 cities and regional governments across 12 European countries. The great outreach will be guaranteed by a consortium of 43 organisations from 12 European countries, coordinated by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. The involved project partners will bring all relevant school food actors to one table: from students, parents and teachers, farmers, chefs and canteen staff to experts from sustainable food procurement, dietitians, Fair Trade actors and local enterprises.

In particular, FTAO will bring to the project the experience of the Fair Trade Movement, in particular Fair Trade Schools, Universities and Towns, to make our food system fairer through public procurement and the active engagement of citizens, including the youth, with sustainable food consumption patterns. It will also bring its expertise on public policies and accompanying measures that lead to a better distribution of value throughout global food supply chains, as well as the voice of small farmers and workers in the Global South in the project.

At the heart of SF4C lies a triple action approach encompassing: 1. innovative sustainable food procurement; 2. the promotion of planetary health diets and cooking; 3. a Whole School Food Approach (WSFA).

  1. In line with FTAO work to promote fair and sustainable public procurement, SF4C will showcase food procurement as an effective and strategic tool for change and it will provide schools and other public stakeholders with locally adaptable procurement solutions that have the power to make healthy, fair, and sustainable meals available in all schools in Europe, leaving no child behind.
  2. During the project, over 10,000 cooks and canteen staff will be trained in Planetary Health Diets according to the recommendations of the EAT Lancet commission empowering them to cook school meals that are delicious and sustainable, both for students and the planet. Fair Trade Schools and other Fair Trade actors will be involved in the capacity building activity.
  3. The project wants to engage the entire school community to develop healthy and sustainable eating activities through the holistic Whole School Food Approach. The approach will cover food education, gardening, school-farm twinning. The WSFA will involve other actors from farm to fork, including Fair Trade Towns, Fair Trade Universities and Fair Trade Schools. The action aims to touch over two million EU citizens.

For further information, please contact Alice Sinigaglia, Project Coordinator, at

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The SchoolFood4Change project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101036763. 

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