Just Transition for All: Why the European Green Deal needs to go Global?

An event co-organised by FTAO and SOLIDAR 

23rd of January, 1:30 pm – 6 pm

Venue: EESC

Interpretation: EN – ESP

In light of the global imperative to address climate change and environmental degradation, the European Green Deal has emerged as a landmark policy framework designed to transform the European Union into a climate-neutral continent by 2050. 

With pivotal political changes on the horizon, the discussion on its future and how we can strengthen and improve it, is now raising momentum. In this context, the event “Just Transition for All: Why the European Green Deal needs to go Global?” will seek to address the imperative of strengthening the coherence among the environmental and social dimensions of the EGD while demonstrating the need for it to become global. In line with the Policy Coherence for Development, the internal and external facets of the Green Deal must be better integrated to prevent that the EU green transition occurs on the back of workers and the environment at the global level. 

 Recognising that policies formulated within the European Union have far-reaching consequences on third countries, the event will offer the opportunity to present and discuss the added value of transforming the European Green Deal into a Global Green Deal. It will explore how the development of an external dimension, mitigating the adverse impacts on partner countries, can foster a Global Just Transition. It will also highlight that it is only by turning global that the EU Green Deal will enable the EU to make further progress in achieving the 17 SDGs.  

The event will revolve around two main guiding questions: why do we need a Global Green Deal and how this Global Green Deal should look like. 

EU representatives, trade unions and CSOs will be invited to discuss the pros and cons of transforming the EGD into a Global Green Deal to foster Just Transition worldwide, particularly by strengthening the external dimension of the EGD and its just transition approach. 

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