Online panel discussion on International trade and transformative economies

The FTAO, in collaboration with RIPESS, hosted an online panel discussion on “International trade and transformative economies”, as part of the virtual World Social Forum on Transformative Economies on 29 June 2020.

The climate change and COVID-19 crises show us that conventional global value chains have negative impacts on people and planet and that excessive reliance on global value chains can be a risk. Calls are being made to switch to a local economy. Yet, what would a total localisation of trade mean in terms of global social justice? What are the alternatives to our current system of corporate driven globalisation? These were the questions that drove the discussion.

Speakers included:

  • Vandana Shiva. Activist
  • Stuart Trew. Candian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Charles Snoeck. Fairtrade Belgium
  • Mute Schimpf. Friends of the Earth Europe
  • Yorgos Altintzis. ITUC
  • Rain Morgan. Fair Trade enterprise “Turqle Trading” South Africa
  • Rachmi Hertanti. Indonesia for Global Justice

Notes from the panel discussion are available here, a recording of the panel discussion is here.