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30/04/2013, 14:27
How we work? The office carries out advocacy in a number of ways. Here are a few examples, which can also be found in more detail throughout the website:  ● Follow policy developments on a number of issues that could affect Fair Trade and Trade Justice ● Liaise with European...

‘‘Someone always pays the price’’: Sign Petition to...

A new video titled ‘‘Someone always pays the price’’ by the Make Fruit Fair Campaign makes clear that the price pressure by supermarkets takes the air to breath from the producers. The clip will be screened in cinemas...Read More

New Sustainable Development Goals and Fair Trade: our...

STATEMENT 25 September 2015 (Brussels) – The Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO) welcomes the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and encourages governments to partner up with the Fair Trade movement...Read More

Big deal in the big apple

by Marike De Peña, Chair of Fairtrade International and CLAC 25 September 2015 (Mao, Dominican Republic) - Even in an increasingly connected world, it’s still a long way from the Dominican Republic to New York. The distance...Read More

Campaigners call on world leaders to ‘light the...

  BRUSSELS, 24 September 2015. Today, in more than 70 cities around the world, including Brussels, tens of thousands of activists backed by leaders such as Desmond Tutu and Malala Yousafzaicalled on governments to...Read More


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