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30/04/2013, 14:27
How we work? The office carries out advocacy in a number of ways. Here are a few examples, which can also be found in more detail throughout the website:  ● Follow policy developments on a number of issues that could affect Fair Trade and Trade Justice ● Liaise with European...

Commissioner Mimica's statement on global respect of social...

"Today is World Fair Trade Day and an opportunity to underline how much, in its role as the world's largest donor, providing more than half of global official aid to partner countries, the European Union is a convinced and...Read More

World Fair Trade Day 2015 Press Release: Be...

The World Fair Trade Organization celebrates the World Fair Trade Day on 9 May 2015 with Agents for Change worldwide! Everyone who is making a difference, supports change and is interested in becoming an Agent for Change is...Read More

Fashion Revolution Day: what is in it for...

24 April 2015 (Brussels) – The Fair Trade Advocacy Office is supporting Fashion Revolution Day on this important world-wide call for action to provoke a systemic change in the textile supply chain. As pioneers in making...Read More

EU Trade Commissioner reveals plans for Fair Trade

28 January 2015 (Brussels) – The European office of the city of Gothenburg organized on the 27 of January an event about the local and regional support to Fair Trade and its links with the EU trade agenda. Cecilia Malmström...Read More


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