Young Fair Trade Advocates

Environmental impacts of international trade and food systems, rising inequalities at global level, human rights abuses and extreme poverty along our supply chains, adverse impacts of fast fashion, trade agreements, unsustainable consumerism or intensive farming… These are all topics that are at the frontline of citizens’ attention and media scrutiny within the European Union.

Whereas many social dynamics such as numerous climate strikes and demonstrations or boycotts initiatives are already shaping policy discussions, we believe that most citizens, especially youth, still lack concrete tools and opportunities to engage properly at the European Union decision-making level where processes and discussions are too often perceived as unreachable, highly technical and complex. At the Fair Trade Advocacy Office, we believe young people are key actors to rethink our system and accelerate the paradigm shift towards more sustainable trading and consumption patterns.

We aim to unlock this great potential by building a bridge between them and EU policymakers and stakeholders. In this context, the Fair Trade Advocacy Office is proud to launch a brand new programme: the Young Fair Trade Advocates.

It aims to gather young European individuals and EU civil society organisations involving youth (staff and board members, volunteers…) to deepen knowledge on the above-mentioned topics and dynamics and offer them concrete tools to mobilize and engage at EU-level with policymakers and other key stakeholders.

The programme has therefore three main components:

  1. A Young Fair Trade Advocates Academy for Young Europeans that will run from September 2021 to April 2022: More information here.

  2. Partnerships with civil society organisations across the EU

  3. Small grant scheme to support projects early 2022 by youth civil society organisations across the EU: More information here

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